Beauty and the Beast

A pantomime by Stephen Gordon-Wilson of Cackle Street Entertainment.

Presented at Wootton Village Hall Thursday 10th to Sunday 13th December 2015.

Poster image
Poster for Beauty and the Beast

Aunt Lola is the proprietor of a struggling coffee shop but trouble is brewing as Rico, an evil coffee magnate, wants to buy the shop. Luckily, she is looked after by Belle, the beauty; and Freddie, the comic.

Rico and his henchmen

When Belle finds out that Rico also wants a wife, they plan to get rid of him, but he uses his magic to capture Belle and send her to the haunted castle.

Belle and the Beast

In the castle, Belle meets the Beast. He gives Belle a magic mirror which can show her anything she likes – she sees that Freddie and Lola are in trouble and she must get home but Rico’s magic spirits are surrounding the castle.

Belle outwits the magic spirits, but she and the Beast are beginning to fall in love. He lets her go but insists that she takes the mirror for safety. We discover that the Beast is in fact a handsome prince, enchanted by Rico and the only way for him to be brought back to normal is by true love’s kiss.

Freddie has decided that Belle must be being held captive by an evil monster, and sets out to rescue her and kill the Beast. When Belle arrives back at the village she realises that things have gone very wrong. Can she outsmart Rico herself, and stop Freddie from killing the Beast? And on top of that, will she save the handsome prince from being a Beast forever?